EAMON - 27th June 2018

"I'm 30 years old and I was born with moderate to severe high-tone cerebral palsy.
This has left largely dependent on an electric wheelchair and gutter walking frame
for my mobility. My earlier years involved various surgeries and therapies to improve
my quality of life...I reached a point in my early teens where the effort and physical pain
of being stretched, bent and manoeuvred for such little gain was too much...I stopped
doing my prescribed exercise routines from that day forward...It was an email that
sparked my curiosity in MOllii suit technology...I attended the assessment...(after) the
allotted time passed...the garment was removed (and) I noticed a strange calm in my
thought process...almost (a) zen-like quality...when I got up into my walking frame and
walked around the room I felt physically lighter...my eyes had glazed over, my skin had
flushed and I walked with a more upright posture. I decided to make my way back to my wheelchair and get strapped in...the amount of resistance (my legs) provided when bent
was significantly reduced...less tension in my overall posture, my shoulders were sitting
back and I wasn't rising (my left leg) when I spoke.


Results from the initial have been maintained and further improved with additional
Emmett technique therapy. The combination of therapies has contributed to a significant improvement in extending and flexing my left limbs...as well as an improved ability to
hold larger volumes in my bladder. To those affected by high tone cerebral palsy, 
I suggest talking to a MOllii therapist and booking an initial assessment".

BECCIE - 27th July 2018

"The MOllii Suit has been a life-changer for me...In late 2012 I had a Blighted
Ovum pregnancy – a condition where a fertilised egg attaches to the uterine
wall, but an embryo doesn’t develop. From that event, Coeliac Disease (diagnosed
late 2013) and Bipolar Type II and Depression (diagnosed mid 2014) were triggered,
and I have been struggling with my mental health ever since. When my Depression
and Bipolar are at their worst I am a barely conscious zombie...everything is heavy...
so heavy I cannot move and I cannot think because my head (feels like it's) full of
cotton wool...my face droops on the right hand side, I slur like I've been drinking
and I stutter. I can't hold down a job, can't keep friends and I can't deal with stress.
There have been times where I have seriously contemplated ending my life...
medications have helped me to have a life that approached normal (however)
they have caused damage...I have gained 10kgs, I have psoriasis that doesn't
respond to treatment and tremors that effect my ability to sew or eat without
spilling food on myself...


After two months with the suit I feel bright and light...my memory is improving,
and my brain doesn't feel like it's running in loose sand anymore. I feel like the
person I was before I got sick...I have started cutting down on my medications with
the supervision of my psychiatrist...It's early days (but) the suit has shown me there
can be a light at the end of the tunnel, and the possibility of a future, and I will be
forever grateful to everyone that put it in my path". 

SARAH - 5th March 2019

"As an incomplete paraplegic, I suffer from sore swollen feet as well
as muscular and nerve pain along with limited movement in my legs.
After 3 sessions of the MOllii suit I am already noticing a difference in
my circulation...the movement in my toes and feet is less restricted.
The suit also feels very comfortable on and has a calming effect on
my whole body. I would highly recommend anyone who is curious
about what benefits it could have for you, to give it a go".


"Today has been an amazing day. My daughter was diagnosed with a Global Functional Disability
very early in her life which left her in unknown territory. Through many trials and tribulations, I
have witnessed a miracle today. I have been trying for many years to get my daughter to swim and
it has proven very challenging and near impossible. Today she swam the width of the pool(10 metres)
twice. She has never been able to get her arms out of the water BUT today she got one arm out as she
did her version of free style. Chloe will be turning 10 next week and I am very grateful for the MOllii suit. 
In the last 3 months her reading and writing have improved at school, her speech is clearer and she is
able to put more words together. Her coordination has improved, she can bounce a ball from left to right
hand and we can play handball. We got her a basketball hoop and now we are shooting hoops - her arms
go above her head. She is changing clothes many times a day (this is not good for a mother) and is becoming
a real little girl, I know this because she now likes to look at herself and do fancy moves in front of the window
to see herself. She is organising herself and is planning what she needs. The only negative thing I can say is
she has an amazing memory and I can’t get away with anything anymore. There are probably many more things
that have changed with Chloe but what is important is she is changing, and it is for the better. All our children
need a future and this simple suit, worn an hour a day can change a life. I thank the people involved in creating
MOllii and the people bringing it to the people".



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